About Us

We are Link and Ginger Ervin and we live in Kings Mountain NC with our four children. We have two sons attending UNC Chapel Hill and two younger children. We have been active in real estate for 20+ years buying, selling, rehabbing, leasing and renovating. We also own a medical practice in Kings Mountain and have been in practice for over 13 years.

Being self employed after the real estate crash and feeling lender standards tightening we began to explore options to buy a home. There weren’t many then and there aren’t many more now almost 10 years later. As a matter of fact a significant number of buyers CANNOT walk into a bank and get a mortgage even today. Creative Property Solutions was a natural progression.

For several years we researched real estate opportunities that would allow us to assist BOTH home sellers and home buyers before finally landing on this opportunity to partner with Chris Prefontaine, his family and Pre Property Solutions. Please visit their site at www.PrePropertySolutions.com to learn more about them.