Seller Testimonials



"Coventry, CT

I was skeptical of any lease to buy program, but met with the owner, researched and finally signed on after our first meeting to sell my home via Owner Financing. 1.5 years ago in June 2017 and they sold my house 1 month later. I had 3 different realtors over 3 years who could not sell my house. The team was very helpful with the entire process. I’ve recommended them to a friend and they are signing on."




"S.D, Branford, CT

I was trying to sell my house on my own with no luck for 2 years now. They met with me and explained my options on the house. They laid everything out on paper for me with no hidden fee’s or questions. After reviewing everything I signed up and in 2 months the team has a contract with a lease ready for me to sign. Signed via email and all is going smoothly. Very easy. They did it all. Very happy, got what I wanted for the hours. Recommend service."




"Jim B, Webster, MA

To all future clients, I highly recommend this firm. They work fast. I had trouble through a realtor with only 2 showings in 6 months and they had lease to own tenants in 2 days and they committed to buying my home. I cannot thank them more. Other companies do not call you back. This company calls you back the same day. Awesome people. If anyone wants to contact me have them call."